Our Story: Third Eye Edits

If you're like me then you already know the story. It was sometime amidst the various middle school peer edits, where prepubescent adolescents would basically brawl over whether I, Alyssa Shaina, would proofread their work or not. I wasn't even twelve and I already knew the various proofreading marks by heart. They were already embedded deep into both hemispheres of my brain. Naturally, come Christmastime, the item atop my coveted list was The Chicago Manual of Style. Thus, I knew I would be an editor.

Sure, I would keep writing; you don't give up on your first love. But I would be there to help every other writer cultivate their writing talents. I would be there to peel back the extraneous verbiage, to chop away at those superfluous adjectives and to clean up the structure and the grammar.  I would be there in the way my editors had always been there for me. After all, every writer needs a great reader. 

Thanks to the hardworking team of Connor, Molly and Matthew, Third Eye Edits was born. A group project helped to spawn my lifelong dream.




About Alyssa Shaina

Alyssa will graduate from the University of Central Florida this December with a dual degree in Creative Writing and Spanish, a minor in Marketing and a TEFL certificate. She has served as the fiction editor for the Cypress Dome literary magazine, as an editorial intern for the Florida Review and an editor for Imprint Magazine.  Alyssa is currently the lead editor for Her Campus UCF.